Top Ten Tuesday: Ten random facts about me

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday, a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This time the theme was Ten Facts About Me, meaning bookish, blog related, or simply random. I’m going with 10 random facts about me because I’ve never done anything like that on  the blog and I thought it would be a nice change. I don’t think anyone is actually going to be interested, but here I go anyway!

1. I’m a vegetarian.

This August is my seventh year as one. I’ve discovered great recipes along the way and my love for cooking.

2. I love Bollywood films.

I LOVE musicals and most Bollywood films are musicals, so you can understand where I’m coming from. They are fun, over the top, and dramatic. Of course, not every film is a musical, and those that aren’t are also pretty fantastic.

3. I adopted my cat on a whim.

Theo in one of the first few weeks home. He fit in the palm of my hand.

I was at the mall with my sister and we passed by a pet store. There were like six kittens of a month or so, but one stood out: He was the smallest fluff and the rest of the kittens were ignoring him. Before going home I insisted we went back to the pet store and said I couldn’t leave without him. So my sister said: “Go for it, then” and turned around, thinking I would never dare. When she looked back, I was already asking the guy at the desk to adopt him. My mom was livid, so I told her I was just going to take care of him until he grew a little and then I would give him away, but my father clearly loved him and time went by. He officially became part of the family three months after that, when I finally named him.

4. I enjoy watching wrestling.

This is pretty recent and it’s all my sister and her husband’s doing. I don’t have time to watch the weekly shows, so I just catch up on the monthly WWE events. The industry is definitely not perfect and some storylines make me cringe, but it’s fun nonetheless.

5. I am afraid of birds.

They are fascinating and beautiful creatures that terrify the hell out of me. The weird thing is that because of my fear I’ve become more interested in them. I’ve even read about ornithology and tried to identify the birds in the area where I live. Still, when I hear the rustling of wings or a bird singing in my window, I freak out.

6. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t even enjoy the smell of coffee. I have no idea why I love coffee ice cream so much, but I do.

7. I’m allergic to penicillin.

I found out about it the hard way. I took pills that contained penicillin for more than a week and then the swelling and itching began.

8. I can (barely) play guitar.

I was in a few classes during high school, but they were sparse and not very advanced.

9. I got corrective eye surgery.

It was less than a year ago and I’m happy about it now, but it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done deliberately. I hate things close to my eyes and I can’t even watch people curling their lashes (I’m cringing at the thought), so I was really nervous and couldn’t stop moving. The doctor reprimanded me and said I was the worst patient of the day. I cried the whole first day.

10. I’m a terrible swimmer.

I went to swimming lessons for a school year when I was ten and I sucked at it. Well, I still suck at it, really. I’ve never been able to sink and swim underwater, I always end up floating after a few strokes.

I’m quite uninteresting, I had the hardest time writing this list! Let me know in the comments if you share any of these facts with me 🙂

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten random facts about me

  1. Oh my gosh I never thought I would see the day where someone said WWE! lol my boyfriend loves wrestling and I have to watch Monday Night Raw every Monday! I’m slowly warming up to it now that I have picked a few favorites, some of it is actually pretty funny lol

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    1. Hahaha that’s how it was for me, at first I was like… what the hell is happening? Then I learned the names and started understanding more about it and I was inevitably hooked. It’s just fun to get together to watch the events and comment on how ridiculous it can be 😛

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  2. You’re vegtarian? My sister is also a vegetarian (:

    Yep, I think you told me about your love for musicals just a few days ago 😉

    The story about your cat… So. Cute. You’re like the protector of abandoned animals.
    Personally, I love dogs. Cats… not very much. But that might be due to the fact we have this crazy – and by crazy I mean, certificatedly insane – cat outside our house that creeps me out.
    See, I love animals – almost every animal out there – but that cat… O__O

    Don’t worry, we all develop weird likings and habits in our life.
    I developed two weirdnesses in the last few months ^^

    You have Ornithophobia? Wow… that’s…
    I hope you live in a place where there aren’t a lot of birds.
    Some phobias may sounds weird or even funny to others, but to those of expirience them… it’s horrible. As someone with a few phobias myself (Not birds though ^^), I totally get you.

    I’m exactly like you with the whole ‘coffee’ thing!
    I hate coffee. I really do. But for some reason I love drinking Iced coffee. Go figure.

    To find out you’re alergic to something in this way… that’s horrible.

    I can (barely) play the piano, so… ^^
    But I’m practicing really hard at the moment. I love it and I want to learn all I can about it.

    The corrective eye surgery… *cringe*. I’m like that too. I can’t stand things getting too close to my eyes. It scares the hell out of me.

    Ha, I’m also a horrible swimmer (:

    I loved to hear all those random facts about yourself! When you know random facts about someone… it feels like you know that person better (:

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    1. I knew nothing of cats and I was a bit afraid of them, but I’ve learned it’s all misconceptions. They are fluff balls of love and they are hilariously mischievous.
      What weird habits have you picked up?
      I wish I could play piano, it’s lovely. I taught myself a song on the keyboard and adored it.
      There are a lot of birds around here, but it’s nice to watch them from afar (afar is the key word here). The ones that I’ve been able to recognize are macaws, which are extremely beautiful and I love to watch them fly at 5 pm, owls (one entered my house a few months back, it was so scary!!), vultures, rufous-vented chachalaca (known as guacharacas because their call sounds like that in Spanish) and great kiskadees. There are some others I have not recognized and once, for a few months, there were two grey hawks and they were scary and their call was very annoying.

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    1. In my house there’s only small spiders, so I let them be. Those aren’t scary for me. But I’ve seen pictures/videos of the big ones and that would be a completely different story!!
      Birds are every freaking where. City pigeons are the worst, they don’t fear humans anymore and they are in food courts. It’s nervewrecking.

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  3. Of course you are interesting! Have some confidence. You sound awesome! I’m allergic to all the cillin’s too — penicillin, amoxicillin, etc. Although, I found out about it as a baby when (i guess) I got hives. I play bass guitar, but have always wanted to learn acoustic or electric. Please go ask me a question for my TTT if you would like:

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