July Wrap-Up

July was a busy busy month and I couldn’t read as much as I wanted because it was my first month on a full time job. Still, I read two amazing books and two not-so-great ones and I’m happy with that. As for the blog… well, I neglected my Genre Exploration series because I’m a little stuck with the next post I’m planning. But let’s not mind that, let’s see my July 2016 monthly wrap-up!













Book Traveling Thursdays

Top Ten Tuesdays






How did your July went? 🙂 Let me know your favorite read of the month. Mine was Night Film!

18 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up

  1. I haven’t read any of the books you have, but Simon Vs. is on my TBR. I just don’t know when I’ll get to it. My favourite read this month has been Iron Cast. I’m intrigued by Night Film’s cover and I’m going to look it up. ❤

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    1. Simon is a very cute fast read, so you can totally read it over a weekend! And Night Film was pretty amazing, it’s a thriller mystery and it plays with you till the end.
      Iron Cast is on my TBR! 😀


    1. I loooved them! Simon is cute and fluffy, fast to read with snarky writing. Night Film is very psychological, mysterious and plays with your mind until the very last page. It was many twists and turns I wasn’t expecting, the characters were quite different, and the thriller/mystery atmosphere was veeery well done.

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  2. You’re working a full time job? Good luck, Esther! I hope it’ll go well for you (:

    I’ve heard quite a lot about Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I have this book in my sights, especially now that I see you really liked it ^^

    17 posts, Esther! That’a amazing! 😀
    Ah yes, you posted some very beautiful and thought provoking posts this month.
    I think I told you this before but I’ll say it again: I really love the way to explain things. You have a gift of making it sound so intriguing, not matter what the subject is.
    Just wanted to remind you of that, in case you ever need a boost confidence. Just know that I think of you as a fantastic blogger and friend (:

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    1. Yes! I started by the end of June and juggling that with blogging has been a challenge! The good thing is that it’s from home, the bad thing is that I spend ALL day in front of the computer. Thank you for your nice wishes 🙂
      I hope you like Simon vs. if you read it, I thought it was a happy cute book that everyone can enjoy.
      Zoey, that’s so nice to hear. I needed that! I always doubt my writing and basically everything I do, so it’s amazing to hear that! Thank you thank you thank you ❤ Same here!


  3. Congrats on surviving a full month of a full time job! I’ve only started my part-time job a couple weeks ago and I get so tired afterwards and have no motivation to read or blog. I’m also going back to school this month so I’m hoping it won’t take a huge toll on my reading and blogging life. Here’s to August, hopefully a month full of amazing reads!

    (BTW, I love your blog–don’t know how I haven’t discovered it till now!)

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    1. Thank you! I’ve survived because it’s from home, but it still gets very hard to stay all day in front of the computer. When I have to write a post, I wait a couple of hours after I’m off from work or else my head starts to hurt!
      Yes! I hope your August is great too 😀
      And thank youu, that’s so nice, I’m glad you enjoy the blog ❤


  4. I’m so curious about We Awaken! I added it to my TBR the second I heard about it – what did you think of it? I’m also reading Simon in a few days, for the Pokémon Go Readathon. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. ^_^

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    1. If you click the title it will lead you to my full review if you want to read it, but in summary it was a bit of a let down. It was “undercooked”, you know? There were many good ideas, but sadly I wasn’t a fan of their execution. Still, if it calls to you, give it a chance. It’s got great representation!
      Simon is a totally adorable read, I really enjoyed the writing and the humor in it! It’s great for a readathon because you can read it in a day or two 🙂 You can also read my full thoughts on that one by clicking its title.


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