December Wrap-Up

Thankfully, December was a lot better than November reading and blogging wise. I dedicated the entire month to catch up with ARCs and requested reviews and, even though I’m still behind, I think I did a good job. Especially since the holidays are always a crazy time. So, let’s see how December went!



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  • Fallen to Grace | Featuring a creative and complex world of wingless angels, a hybrid queen to-be, and demons.
  • Bitter Sweet Love | A poetry collection on heartbreak, love, and sex that I didn’t find very touching, but that still has some powerful lines within.
  • The Ugly Teapot | Clichéd but fun spin on the Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves tale dealing with grief.
  • The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams  | A thriller that presents an induced dreaming afterlife. It started out strong, but ended up disappointing me.
  • Making Tracks | Poems dealing with ordinary events in our lives, as well as deeper thought-provoking topics, all done beautifully. There’s a theme for everyone in this.
  • The Lost Sheep | A poetry collection on religious and spiritual themes. I couldn’t connect with it.







Book Traveling Thursdays

Diversity Spotlight Thursdays

  • Spotlight #7 | A historical fiction of male impersonators with a girl finding her way and exploring her sexuality in Victorian times. The tale of a North Korean girl who escaped the horrors of that country. A fantasy with a genderfluid bisexual main character.

How was your December? Did you read any holiday books?

6 thoughts on “December Wrap-Up

  1. Well done for reading so much throughout the month of december. I had an awful reading month and to be honest have been in such a reading slump the past few months. Trying to get back into it now with the new year and all that haha.

    The cover of Bitter Sweet Love has intrigued me so I may check that book out considering I have not heard of any of these books :).

    Happy New Year!! xxx


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